Corner Juice Bar with Giulietta of Limonata Creative

The freshest juice and the sunniest window combine so that you almost forget it's the middle of winter!

Lauleh/Roses/Mt. Vernon

This the relationship that Lalz and I have: Lalz effortlessly convinces me to get up early on a weekend and meet up for photos, I show up dreary eyed and shivering, she shows up looking fabulously flawless, I snap away as my nose runs while she strikes pose perfection between every click.  Lalz is a true natural at what she does and I've really enjoyed our work together and look forward to the next shoot! 

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Steven is an old friend of mine.  We met when I lived in Virginia and he crashed my Developmental Psychology class.  His talent, drive, and positive attitude are always an inspiration.   Pillows and lounge pants are from Caravanserai.

My friend Stephen wrote a book!  We shot some pics for it on a dark evening in my glamorous apartment and he patiently suffered through my impulse to work people into flatlays whenever possible.